Back in the day…

It was 8 years ago now that I set out on a trip of a lifetime.  As a restless college senior who hadn’t traveled much I was OK with the thought of getting out of my parent’s house and away from my 26 credit hour semester for a week.  Yes, you read right, twenty six!  Being a bratty 21 year old I thanklessly agreed to go on an all expense paid trip (took me a few years but thank you so much mom and dad!) to Chincha, Peru. I went with no thought more than I want to do something different.  I had no idea that this trip would change my life.

You see, it was a mission trip.  I was assigned to be the group’s photographer based on my “experience” (2 classes in high school in photography).  While the pictures above are far from my best work, they remain some of my favorites because of the memories they give me.  This trip not only jumpstarted my love of photography, but also awakened something in me that is a huge part of my life today.  The idea that I was created for something specific, something that glorifies God, and adventure.  During this first trip I met some amazing and beautiful people, was given a much needed reality check on how blessed I am, and saw people living their faith by using their own individual gifts.  I also ate a guinea pig that I had cuddled only hours before, which I’m not proud of…although he was pretty tasty.

It was this trip that planted a seed in my mind that I was meant for something more.  Throughout these last eight years I have gotten married (to a smoking hot and awesome husband), had a wonderful and challenging career as an inner city teacher, visited 7 more countries, and started a photography business.  By no means do I feel like I have anything figured out but I do know the same thing I learned in Peru, that I was created to do something awesome that glorifies God using the gifts He has given me.  My church has been a huge part of my growth and is the main reason I have started putting my thoughts out there for others to see.  I feel like in order to experience more of God and adventure, I need to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Trust me when I say writing a blog for all of the internet to see is WAY out of my comfort zone!  My goal for this page is to share my adventures, my journey with God, and the amazing things He has in store for me.  Thanks so much for tagging along!




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