Vikings and Coldplay Part 2

So about this 12 hour train ride… We departed Oslo early in the day, expected to arrive to Stockholm that evening with time to relax, explore, etc.  While we were on the train, there was an accident on the tracks ahead of us.  This put our train at a dead stop until all investigations were complete and the train was cleared to move again.  At first nobody seemed to mind the stop, us included.  We had everything we needed for survival, internet, snacks, and adult beverages.  We had all of these things…for the first 2 hours of our delay.  After 2 hours the bar/snack car was cleaned out.  Believe me when I say a train full of tired, tipsy Scandinavians is quite entertaining!  We arrived in Stockholm just about the time that the nightlife crew was leaving the bars. We were greeted warmly by two guys, mid-pee on the side of a building with a slurred “Welcome to Sweden!”

I must admit I was a little unsure of what to expect the next day.  I woke up and walked out to a stunningly beautiful city.  The amount of care and attention to detail was evident everywhere you looked.  This was exactly what I imagined Europe to be.  Cobblestone streets, tiny shops, palaces, and awe-inspring churches.  The two top photos above are inside such a church.  Again, forgive my iPhone photography! The alter is made with silver and had incredibly intricate detail carved into it.  The stained glass was just as detailed and amazing.  It was humbling to be in a place of worship like that.  A place where countless hours went into making this church and making sure it was the most grand building in the city.  This makes total sense.  I mean, doesn’t God deserve our very best and grandest?  That was the thought process back in the day.  In every city the biggest, most beautiful building was a place of worship.  That is something I struggle with remembering, to give God my very best and grandest.  It’s easy to give God what’s left over, at night, while I’m trying to fall asleep.  Or give Him my all, when things aren’t going my way.  “Commit to the Lord, whatever you do and He will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3  To me this means commit EVERYTHING to the Lord first, and He will  handle the plans.

We closed out this trip with a Coldplay concert.  This was definitely the most amazing, entertaining, and inspiring concerts I’ve ever attended.  Coldplay + 55,000 Scandinavians = a pretty unforgettable night.  I still wish I would have done a better job of recording everything we did, but like my photography, my journalling improves with time I promise!

My next adventure took me south of the equator for a time of relaxation on the beach, and to a jungle full of Mayan ruins…

Until next time!



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